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Back From Second Interview...

This time, I took a written "personality test", passed it. They plan on starting me on training next week they said, once they get the results in from my drug test I went and took this morning, and they run a "background check". Shouldn't have any problem with the drug test, just lots of caffeine from all the tea I've been drinking(thanks to the tea, no problem at all "leaving a sample"!). Only thing in my "background" is that speeding ticket I got over a year ago(they don't hold that against you). They said as long as everything meets their expectations, they will call me in "two or three days" and tell me what time to come in. The job starts out at $6.25/hr and you get re-evaluated after 90 days, and they pay once a week(will take some getting used to-all my other jobs paid every TWO weeks!).

Looks as though this "long,dry spell" I've been in is finally about over!

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