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Calls and Cleaning

In the middle of doing a little house cleaning(long overdue), I received another call from "Target"...a different woman this time. She said she was calling to set me up with a "second interview". I told her that another woman called Friday and had told me to be there at 8:30am tomorrow morning. She said she hadn't realized that, she was off Friday and didn't look at the other persons "calendar". She looked at the calendar, and said, sure enough, I was already scheduled for my second interview at 8:30 in the, the second interview is still "on".

In other news, I'm attempting to give the house the most 'thorough cleaning" that it has had in some months. Getting tired of looking at all the dirt and dust. Figured I would try doing one room at a time, today, doing the bedroom. First, I "dusted" the furniture, using a cloth and a "cheapish" lemony scent furniture polish I found while shopping at Wal-Mart today. Then, I swept the floor(there was enough dirt to start a small tomato garden!). Lastly, I assembled the "Clorox Ready-Mop" I bought today, and used it for the first time. Liked the idea of a mop where you don't have to use a mop bucket for a change. I must admit, the contraption works VERY well, I was amazed! Actually a new product out that told the truth on a TV ad! I'm very impressed with the product! Finish mopping, just remove that little pad, and toss it in the garbage...convenient! Was also surprised the thing comes with a one-year warrenty...

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