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Closing In On Season One

This evening, completed digitation from the Tape and Record Show Enterprises archives of the next five episodes of the "flagship" series "The Tape and Record Show" from 1979. Most of these early episodes sound terrible, since they were "pretend broadcasts" anyway, and I had no budget at the time...

"The Tape & Record Show: Episode 93. Broadcast Sunday, November 11,1979 at 2:00pm central. Theme Music: A Piece of Cake(Jerry Reed). "Peabody's Improbable History: Buffalo Bill" / "Soap, , season 3, episode 7" - Billy spends his first evening in Leslie's apartment and meets her condescending first husband; the real Burt is beamed back to the ship right in front of Mary, who concludes that he really can make himself invisible. / "Gilligan's Island: Don't Bug the Mosquitoes" - The rock band "The Mosquitoes" arrive on the island for some much-needed R&R. But the castaways try to make their lives miserable so they'll want to leave--and take them with them.

The Tape & Record Show: Episode 94. Broadcast Monday, November 12,1979 at 5:00pm central. Theme Music: A Piece of Cake(Jerry Reed). "Sanford and Son: Aunt Esther and Uncle Woodrow Pfftt..." - "I'm not a cream puff!" declares Uncle Woody after Grady gives him an empowering man-to-man talk and sends him home to reclaim his castle. But Aunt Esther doesn't appreciate Grady's making a man of her mouse and shows that hell hath no fury like the wife of a worm turned. / "He's All I Got"(Loretta Lynn).

The Tape & Record Show: Episode 95. Broadcast Tuesday, November 13,1979 at 5:00pm central. Theme Music: A Piece of Cake(Jerry Reed). "Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden: Part One" - Songs: That's All Right, Proud Mary, Never Been To Spain, Don't Have To Say You Love Me, Lost That Loving Feeling, Polk Salad Annie, Love Me, All Shook Up, Heartbreak Hotel, Teddy Bear, Don't Be Cruel, Love Me Tender.

The Tape & Record Show: Episode 96. Broadcast Wednesday, November 14,1979 at 5:00pm central. Theme Music: A Piece of Cake(Jerry Reed). "Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden: Part Two" - Songs: The Impossible Dream, Band Introductions, Hound Dog, Suspicious Minds, For The Good Times, American Trilogy, Funny How Time Slips Away, I Can't Stop Loving You, Can't Help Falling In Love.

The Tape & Record Show: Episode 97. Broadcast Thursday, November 15,1979 at 5:00pm central. Theme Music: A Piece of Cake(Jerry Reed). "Sanford and Son: Hello Cousin Emma... Goodbye Cousin Emma" - Grady's cousin Emma blows in from the Windy City and promises to make the living easy for the two men, but Lamont has his doubts, especially after being bumped from his bedroom and having to share a bed with Grady. / "Peabody's Improbable History: Lord Nelson"."

As I've gotten older and noticed a few things since first seeing/hearing certain episodes, I have some "random thoughts"...

1) In the "Gilligan's Island" episode included in "Tape and Record Show" episode 93, the group "The Mosquitoes" were playing electric guitars, yet there were no wires attached to the instruments, and there was no electricity on the island.

2) In the "Sanford and Son" episode included in episode 97, even though Grady was living at Fred's house while Fred was away in St. Louis to keep an eye on the place for Fred, I'm sure he still had his OWN place, so why couldn't he let "Cousin Emma" stay at HIS place, since she was HIS cousin, not related to Fred or Lamont.

Or, being they are just television shows, MAYBE I'm "overthinking" things as I've gotten older. Those particular shows were never meant to be taken "seriously".

Even though I have the CD reissue of "Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden", I used the original LP for the "Tape and Record Show" "broadcast", since I'm wanting the digitizations to sound as "close as possible" to the way they sounded as I heard them back in 1979 on my cheap equipment. Interesting notes about the LP...

1) There were no groove spaces to separate the songs.

2) It was released on the short lived RCA "Dynaflex" format. As described on Wikipedia, "Rather than using the stiff plastic material used by conventional vinyl pressings, Dynaflex records used a softer, pliable formulation that allowed RCA to use less material, saving money and also making the record appear to lie flatter on turntables."

3)The album was a "fast release" between recording and hitting store shelves. As described on Wikipedia, "Despite the lengthy track listing, the release was only a single disc, and the record was released only a week after the concert itself." Probably explains the occassional "feedback" issues heard. Those issues are also on the CD reissue.

4)Parents bought the album for me in the early 1970's at the nearby "T.G. & Y." store on Smith Street in West Monroe. Price then was $5.47.

5)The LP transfer sounds considerably better on this TRS digitization than it did for the 1979 "broadcast", since in '79 I played it on a cheap portable mono record player with a built in speaker. This transfer involved a modern, mid-range priced turntable directly patched into the desktop PC and cleaned up a bit with software. It IS however, the SAME vinyl LP used back in the day. When I say "mid-range priced", I'm going by MY scale. Today, $60-$99" is "low end", $100-$250" is mid-range", $250-$500 is "high-end", $500 and over is in the "FUCK NO!" area.

Elvis Madison Square Garden Cover.jpg

Elvis Madison Square Garden Cover Price Zoom.jpg
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