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Two More Rare Episodes Digitized

This evening, completed the digitization of two more episodes of the flagship Tape and Record Show Enterprises series "The Tape and Record Show", mostly from the original audio tapes I recorded from a TV speaker back in the day, with only a couple "alternate sources" used for the original content of the episodes. So far, it looks like I'll be able to complete the digitization of all 102 episodes from the "landmark" first season, without omitting any episodes...

"The Tape & Record Show: Episode 86. Broadcast Sunday, November 4,1979 at 2:00pm central. Theme Music: A Piece of Cake(Jerry Reed). "Real People: Halloween Episode" - A show that goes around the country finding strange events and interesting people. Hosted by Skip Stephenson, Byron Allen, Sarah Purcell, Bill Rafferty, and John Barbour. / "Soap, season 3, episode 6" - The alien Burt prevents Mary from seeing the real Burt; Eunice admits that she can't stand Dutch; Billy takes Leslie to an out-of-the-way place where they must avoid being seen by Chester and Eunice; and the mismatched Tim and Corinne agree to divorce. / "Looney Tunes: Gopher Broke" - The Goofy Gophers are about to harvest the vegetables on the farm when the farmhands beat them to the punch. Worried that their food source is being "vandalized," they follow the truck to the barn so they can recover what they consider to be their food. / "Looney Tunes: No Parking Hare" - A construction worker wants to blast Bugs out of his rabbit hole so he can build a freeway. / "It's Not The Miles You've Traveled"(Loretta Lynn).

The Tape & Record Show: Episode 87. Broadcast Monday, November 5,1979 at 5:00pm central. Theme Music: A Piece of Cake(Jerry Reed). "The Little Rascals: Anniversary Trouble" - The gang's treasury is entrusted to Spanky, who accidentally gets it mixed up with his father's money. / "Looney Tunes: What's Opera, Doc?" - Elmer Fudd is again hunting rabbits - only this time it's an opera. Wagner's Siegfried with Elmer as the titular hero and Bugs as Brunnhilde. They sing, they dance, they eat the scenery. / "Peabody's Improbable History: Hans Christian Oersted"."

The Audio Magnetics "Tracs" brand cassettes were good quality for a cheap tape,the tape used for the "Real People" episode, but they had no "leader". The tape itself was attached to the reels in the housing.
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