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"Albert is"

Everyone else seems to be doing a Google search on "(Your name) is", so I figured I'd be a copycat...the top ten...

1] Albert is top talking computer
2] Albert is your number one source for high performance engine products emerging as the worlds leader in piston ring technology
3] Albert is a program with which language teachers (as well as other teachers) can produce their own exercises
4] Albert is Clairvoyant (or to have second sight), but he is also Clairsentient (to have clear sight) which means that he is able to sense the personalities of spirits and express certain mannerisms during a session
5] Albert is a nifty little application that can launch Applescripts by sending it an email
6] Long-lost asteroid 719 Albert is found -- whereabouts unknown since 1911
7] Albert is ideally located close to the Hopewell Rocks, Fundy National Park, Cape Enrage and Mary's Point
8] Albert is Ecstatic.jpg
9] Albert is one of Britain's most original and visionary composers
10] Albert is a ``rescue'' golden retriever
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