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More Tape and Record Show Background History

Worked on transferring more episodes of the flagship Tape & Record Show Enterprises series "The Tape & Record Show" to digital this evening...

"The Tape & Record Show: Episode 24. Broadcast Sunday, July 22,1979 at 2:00pm central. Theme Music: King Tut(Steve Martin and The Toot Uncommons). Elvis Presley 1968 Television Special Part Two. Actress Ann-Margret hosts a retrospective of Elvis' NBC Singer TV special. Songs: Trying To Get To You, What Do You Want Me To Do, One Night(With You), Blue Christmas, Nothingville, Guitar Man / Instrumental Interlude featuring music from the Harold Lloyd silent movie TV showings / Elvis special continued: Let Yourself Go, Guitar Man, Big Boss Man, It Hurts Me, Guitar Man, Little Egypt, Trouble, Guitar Man, If I Can Dream / Will Rogers Commentary.

The Tape & Record Show: Episode 25. Broadcast Monday, July 23,1979 at 5:00pm central. Theme Music: King Tut(Steve Martin and The Toot Uncommons). "Monty Python's Flying Circus: Mr. and Mrs. Brian Norris' Ford Popular" / Will Rogers Commentary.

The Tape & Record Show: Episode 26. Broadcast Thursday, July 26,1979 at 5:00pm central. Theme Music: King Tut(Steve Martin and The Toot Uncommons). "The Little Rascals: Bored Of Education" - It's the first day of school, and Spanky and Alfalfa have cooked up a scheme to be sent home. Spanky fixes up Alfalfa with a phony toothache by blowing up a balloon in his mouth to create the illusion of swelling. But the new teacher has overheard their scheme. She sends them home, but only after letting them know about the ice cream that's on its way to the classroom. / Will Rogers Commentary / "The Little Rascals: Hearts Are Thumps" - The gang promises to keep away from girls on St. Valentine's Day, but Alfalfa can't resist Darla.

The Tape & Record Show: Episode 27. Broadcast Friday, July 27,1979 at 5:00pm central. Theme Music: King Tut(Steve Martin and The Toot Uncommons). "The Little Rascals: Hide and Shriek" - Detective Alfalfa and his assistants Buckwheat and Porky try to solve a missing-candy case but find themselves in an amusement park haunted house. / Will Rogers Commentary / "The Little Rascals: Hi'-Neighbor!" - The gang decides to build their own fire engine."

Since no "broadcast info" cards are in the files for July 24th or 25th, I'm assuming I either didn't have time, or didn't bother with any episodes on those days, since there are no gaps in the episode numbers on the cards.

The versions of these earliest episodes I'm currently using for the transfers are cassette tape based "remasters" I made of the episodes in 1987/88. The first couple of seasons, I was working with only a portable monophonic cassette recorder, so had no duplication capability. When listening to a "broadcast" back then, I'd put in the theme music cassette, play it, put in the "content" or "main feature" of the episode cassette, play that, then put the tape in at the end with the closing theme. These late 80's transfers have really "sped up" the transfers of the earliest episodes of "The Tape & Record Show", since I don't have to go "digging" for things.

Things will start to get "interesting" with the transfers of the "flagship" show after episode 33 however. Thirty-three was the most I "remastered" back then, so after that, I'll basically have to resort to transferring the episodes the way I originally played them. I'll have to dig deep in the closet, try to locate the ORIGINAL cheap cassettes I used to record audio from TV and records onto, and piece them together from scratch. I didn't really start actively duplicating the tapes into "episode format" onto other cassettes until season four. I'm fairly certain after all these years, there will be some "gaps/missing episodes" of the flagship series, either due to missing source material or cassettes which can't be salvaged in playable condition. I'll just have to do as much as I can.

Of course, starting that first series in 1979, and just being ME in the organization until Randy Haney made his first recording for TRSE in 1981, I had no idea it would later have Jerry Sanders, James Stricklin, Paul Morrison contribute. Our recording equipment slowly improved during those years, and I also started buying higher quality cassettes, not those three in a pack for $2.00 cheapies from "T.G. & Y".

Granted, I haven't even scratched the surface of the later series featuring the above names (except Randy, he had a short output), but since I'm wanting to preserve as MUCH of the ENTIRE Tape & Record Show Enterprises content as possible from beginning to end, figured I'd better get started on the "flagship" series, since there are over 450 of those total. Hopefully the desktop and cassette deck will hold up.

Descriptions of episodes I'm posting for "The Tape & Record Show" are, for the most part, new descriptions, not copied verbatim from the original handwritten index cards. "Broadcast Dates", "Episode Numbers", and "Theme Music" descriptions are from the cards however. The reason I've changed descriptions a bit for the digital conversion files is for accuracy. After audio taping material from television back then, I had no inkling of the ACTUAL episode titles, so on the original cards, my episode titles were a "best guess" due to subject matter. For these remasters, I'm using the internet and finding the CORRECT episode titles for the TV soundtracks. No internet available in the late 1970's/early 1980's.

Perhaps I'm "overthinking" this entire digitization/preservation project, since I'm probably the only person interested in hearing them again. But then again, by keeping a written record of "broadcast" dates and episode contents from the beginning, even before I turned 14 years old, maybe I was "overthinking" even THEN! But being an only child, with few friends at the time, I had to find ways to keep myself "entertained". Surprisingly, over 40 years later, I'm actually being "entertained" by this project, even though parts of the project will be an enormous PITA at times!
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