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As The Worm Turns...

Is it just me, or does it seem the whole "Walford" community is self-destructing? Janine(one of the characters you "love to hate") pulls basically the same stunt as Kat did a few months ago by almost doing herself a mischief with the alcohol, Trevor shows up at the Slater residence,letting himself in and threatening Kat with violence if she doesn't stay away from his girlfriend, Little Mo looks worse for wear after being in jail the short period of time she already has, and Kat finds out by way of a major announcement by Anthony Trueman in front of the whole Slater clan that he and Kat's daughter Zoe are in love with one another! *
Need to start taping the show and watching it later from now was nice to see the whole four episodes in less than two hours for a change(by doing a "fast-forward" through the rediculous amount of commercials BBC America inserts into the thing)!

*=I can hear a lot of the people in my "friends list" asking, "What the fark is he rambling on about???".

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