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Coupla Song Mirages And Some Unreleased Material

Even after all the digital transfers I've completed thus far, I've yet to actually make a "dent" in the boxes of cassettes from the Tape & Record Show Enterprises 1980's output. This evening, I completed two more episodes of "The James Stricklin Song Mirage" and a couple VERY obscure unedited "recording sessions"...

"James Stricklin Song Mirage: Episode 25. Broadcast Monday, January 21,1985 at 9:00pm central. Theme Music: Can You Feel It(The Jacksons). The second "album hour" featuring "Queen's Greatest Hits". James Stricklin(who thinks he is the "Mean Green") and Albert Sims(who portrays a redundant "Chuck Barris") are the hosts. Songs: Another One Bites the Dust, Bohemian Rhapsody, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Killer Queen, Fat Bottom Girls, Bicycle Race, Under Pressure(with David Bowie), We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, Flash, Somebody To Love, You're My Best Friend, Keep Yourself Alive, Play The Game. Also: "Taxman" from next month's album hour.

James Stricklin Song Mirage: Episode 26. Broadcast Monday, January 28,1985 at 9:30pm central. Theme Music: Can You Feel It(The Jacksons). Hosts: James Stricklin and Calvert Mimms(Albert Sims). Songs/comedy skits: Santa's Rap(Treacherous Three), Fire In The Home(W.C. Fields radio skit), All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight(Hank Williams Jr), Superstition(Stevie Wonder)."

"Elvis Crazies. Unreleased recording session. Unknown date. Date on the case, in James Stricklin's handwriting says "September 1982", but there are references to the first "Randy Haney Comedy Hour" session, which wasn't recorded until October 30, 1982. Session consists of mainly James and Albert Sims going crazy singing along with Elvis Presley songs. Jerry Sanders is also heard."

"James Stricklin/Albert Sims Comedy Show Recording Session. Unreleased. Unknown date, but circa late 1982. Two comedy skits, "Floyd Lawson's Amazing Barber Shop"(not the version on the "James Stricklin Happy Hour"), and a "Steve Allen Show" spoof with "Raymond J. Johnson, Jr." as guest."

James' "old lady" (no, not the current one) and their infant daughter were in studio again during the recording session for episode 25. I did a TERRIBLE "Chuck Barris" impersonation in that episode. Then again, NONE of my "celebrity impersonations" were ever any good.

The "Elvis Crazies" was never broadcast in any form. On the other side of the tape, an unbroadcast "James Stricklin/Albert Sims Comedy Show". Matter of fact, when I ran across the cassette in the "archives", with James' handwriting on it, I honestly didn't know what it was! Took longer to figure out what it was, because the old, cheap "Alcon" branded cassette was broken. Thinking back, the sound of James, Jerry, and I singing Elvis songs would be enough to break ANYTHING!

Normally, I'd be concentrating on the edited "broadcast" versions of our productions first, but since that tape was in need of repair, I figured it might need an immediate transfer after I spliced it back together, to preserve the content. Since I "misplaced" the old cassette splicing block I bought from Radio Shack in the 80's during the ensuing years, it was "fun" fixing that cassette. Guessing it had been broken for decades, so even after trimming the splice with a blade to even the broken tape out, the tape still wanted to curl up, making it difficult to apply the adhesive tape. That said, I managed to digitize both sides of the cassette.
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