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This evening, digitized more old Tape & Record Show Enterprises productions from the 1980's audio cassettes, two more episodes of our offbeat, random compilation series "The TRS Scrap Pile", and the next two episodes of Dennis Goodwin's "Orbit's Independent Sampler".

"The TRS Scrap Pile: Episode 7. Broadcast Monday, May 14, 1984 at 9:30pm central. Theme Music: Burt Reynold's House/If You Love Me Tell Me Loud(John Morris/Mel Brooks). In this week's scrap pile: comedy radio skit from 1934 featuring "Stoopnagle and Budd", "Shy Boy"(Bananarama), "Sexuality"(Prince), Rich Little as "Ronald Reagan" discussing Reaganomics and waking up, "Young Turks"(Rod Stewart/James Stricklin/Randy Haney), and part one of "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life".

The TRS Scrap Pile: Episode 8. Broadcast Saturday, May 19, 1984 at 6:30pm central. Theme Music: Burt Reynold's House/If You Love Me Tell Me Loud(John Morris/Mel Brooks). In this week's scrap pile: "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life" Part Two:The Third World, "Good Luck Charm"(Elvis Presley), "Big Girls Don't Cry"(Edith Massey), "Shuffle Off to Buffalo" from the film "42nd Street", "The Walk"(The Time)."

"Orbit's Independent Sampler: Episode 13. Broadcast Wednesday, October 15, 1986 at 8:00pm central. Theme Music: The Peter Gunn Theme(The Blues Brothers Band). Songs: I Hear You Knockin'(Gale Storm), That Old Devil Called Love(Alison Moyet), A Jump For Miles(Robert Kraft), Enjoy It(Brian Protheroe), Kara Lee(Gary P. Nunn), Love Hurts(Graham Parsons/Emmylou Harris), The One That Got Away(Steve Goodman), You Make It Seem So Easy(The Everly Brothers).

Orbit's Independent Sampler: Episode 14. Broadcast Wednesday, October 22, 1986 at 8:00pm central. Theme Music: The Peter Gunn Theme(The Blues Brothers Band). Songs include: Sixteen Candles(The Crests), Payday Blues(Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks), Eye Of The Tiger(Big Daddy), Delta Queen(Danny O'Keefe), Feel Your Heart(Biff Rose), Peace Like A River(Paul Simon), Maybe(Harry Nielsen)."

Since I tried to make "The TRS Scrap Pile" as "weird" as possible, I inserted a few VERY short snippits from the "Monty Python's Meaning of Life" soundtrack into The Time's "The Walk" song, and toward the end of the song, the sped-up Vincent Price laugh used at the close of every "Scrap Pile" episode.

Just a reminder, in case you've missed previous posts about my digitization project progress, Dennis Goodwin, who I met via the local record store he owned at the time, never ACTUALLY recorded a series for Tape & Record Show Enterprises, so I took the liberty to make one anyway. I recorded his KNLU radio show, and via editing, made half hour episodes from the actual weekly three hour local radio broadcasts. I remember taking an edited show to the record store for him to listen to. He didn't seem to have any complaints with the edited format. The original unedited versions of the shows I recorded from the radio are still in the TRSE "archives" as "master tapes", but for these transfers, I'm using the TRSE series "broadcast" versions, in other words, the half hour edited ones, since I'm more concentrated firstly on getting all the "series" we made back then transferred. I may decide to transfer a couple of the "master tapes" before I complete the others however at some point. Not sure the radio station, Dennis, or anyone else, still has copies of those original broadcasts after all these years.

I thought the tape I was using was going bad while dubbing episode 14 of "Independent Sampler" when I was hearing warbling during "Sixteen Candles", since I haven't listened to these tapes in ages, but Dennis explained later in the episode that is what happens when you don't have a 45rpm spindle adapter.
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