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Even More Of The Monkees Scrap

Ongoing Tape & Record Show Enterprises archive digitization/preservation project continued this evening, with another episode of "The TRS Scrap Pile" and the third and forth 90 minute installments of "The TRS Music Show" Monkees 20th Anniversary tribute.

"The TRS Scrap Pile: Episode 6. Broadcast Wednesday, May 2, 1984 at 7:30pm central. Theme Music: Burt Reynold's House/If You Love Me Tell Me Loud(John Morris/Mel Brooks). In this week's scrap pile: "Last Dance"(George Clinton), "The Crusher"(The Nova's), a scene from "Fawlty Towers" involving Basil and the fire drill, "Nubian Nut"(George Clinton), "Fire In The Home" skit featuring W.C. Fields and Don Ameche."

"The TRS Music Show: Episode 20. Broadcast Monday, September 22,1986 at 8:30pm central. Theme Music: Axel F(Harold Faltermeyer). The third of four specials this month saluting the 20th Anniversary of the 1960's super-group "The Monkees". Hosts: Albert Sims and Paul Morrison. Songs include: We Were Made For Each Other, Tapioca Tundra, Daydream Believer, Writing Wrongs, I'll Be Back Up On My Feet, The Poster, P.O. Box 9847, Magnolia Simms, Valleri, Zor and Zam, and the complete motion picture soundtrack album of "Head".

The TRS Music Show: Episode 21. Broadcast Monday, September 29,1986 at 8:30pm central. Theme Music: Axel F(Harold Faltermeyer). The last of four specials this month saluting the 20th Anniversary of the 1960's super-group "The Monkees". Songs include: Salesman, She Hangs Out, The Door To Summer, Love Is Only Sleeping, Cuddly Toy, Words, Hard To Believe, What Am I Doin' Hangin' 'Round?, Pleasant Valley Sunday, Daily Nightly, Don't Call On Me, Star Collector, D.W. Washburn, That Was Then This Is Now, Anytime Anyplace Anywhere, Kicks."

Since I conceived of "The TRS Scrap Pile" as an "offbeat" clip compilation show, I edited episode six to be even MORE offbeat by putting both the opening AND closing theme music together at the tail END of the episode.

There was a two week gap between parts two and three of "The TRS Music Show" Monkees tribute. Being so long ago, I couldn't tell you the ACTUAL reason why no TRSE episodes were "broadcast" the previous week. Paul Morrison and I concocted a story, for "dramatic effect", that the reason we weren't on the previous week was because TRSE's "contract" with NPR had unexpectedly ran out, we forgot to renew it before it ran out, so the "corporate mongels" knocked us off the air. The fictional story continued with TRSE getting the lawyers together quickly, drawing up another eight year contract, thus returning us to the "airwaves".We also discussed what would have been a good, yet kinda "skeevy" practical joke to pull on someone. Luckily, THAT never actually happened either!

Bit of a "setback" with episode 21 of "The TRS Music Show". I normally use the old "broadcast copies" for these transfers, but for some reason, that copy of the tape was broken. I noticed it wasn't rewound, and discovered why after trying to rewind it. The cassette deck just kept shutting off. Took a closer look at the spools, THEN noticed the break. Luckily, I dug deeper into the "archive closet" and located the ORIGINAL cassette. Used that for the transfer, keeping my fingers crossed THAT tape didn't snap, being it was on an identical Maxell UR90 cassette. Unusual for a Maxell to snap though. Possibly it snapped due to a player malfunction at some point years ago. I REALLY wish I knew what happened to that tape splicing block I bought at Radio Shack back in the '80's, it would come in handy now. I've researched online, those things are selling for around $30 these days! Might have to shell out that kind of money though to get another one.

Apparently between episodes 20 and 21 TRSE got an equipment "upgrade", including microphone stands and a better mixer, since Paul and I were in "stereo", he in one channel, I in another. I know it wasn't a difference in my transfers at the time from one tape to another, using the "master" for THIS transfer, since we even talk about the upgrade in the show.

Ironically, or probably not ironically, in episode 21, Paul keeps joking we were recording the show completely "digital", and I kept insisting we were recording on standard audio cassette, which we were. The "ironic" part comes into effect today, with the digitization of the 1986 episode, which I'm positive neither of us would have ever predicted at the time.
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