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More Of The Monkees and Some Scrap

Digitized the second of four 90 minute episodes of "The TRS Music Show" saluting "The Monkees" 20th anniversary from the Tape & Record Show Enterprises archives this evening.

"The TRS Music Show: Episode 19. Broadcast Monday, September 8,1986 at 8:30pm central. Theme Music: Axel F(Harold Faltermeyer). The second of four specials this month saluting the 20th Anniversary of the 1960's super-group "The Monkees". Songs include: Songs include: The Day We Fall In Love, Sometime In the Morning, Laugh, I'm A Believer, You Told Me, I'll Spend My Life with You, Forget That Girl, Band 6, You Just May Be The One, Shades of Gray, I Can't Get Her Off My Mind, For Pete's Sake, Mr. Webster, Sunny Girlfriend, Zilch, No Time, Early Morning Blues and Greens, Randy Scouse Git, Dream World, Auntie's Municipal Court."

In this episode, Paul Morrison and I concocted a fictional "plan" for the annual "New Year's Celebration", where overnight we would call random pay phones, and ask whoever answered trivia questions. If they answered correctly, they'd get a Record Bar gift certificate. Needless to say, we NEVER did that. The TRSE budget would NEVER handle something like that. After all, we were a "pretend radio show", not real. We also determined that the success of "I'm A Believer" was "bigger than Debbie's tits", referring to Paul's girlfriend at the time, Debbie Salisbury. Paul himself said it, I didn't. Paul later seemed to not want to "spend his life" with her in another comment, and said something about marriage fucking things up. Ironically, he's been married for ages now (at least I GUESS he's still married, haven't seen or talked to him in ages), but not to Debbie.

Also, it's the second episode in a row where Paul kept referring to Jerry Sanders as "gay" in one of the interstitial breaks between songs. To this day, not sure WHY Paul hated Jerry. He also snuck in another unsettling racial slur. Then again, Paul was probably the most "radical" member of our "organization". He also makes a comment "who's gonna want to listen to this 200 years from now?". Well, at least I'M in the process of "preserving" the stuff, so there's that, even though as digital files, any of the old participants can easily get a copy of anything I've transferred thus far.

Since I wasn't too "sleepy" yet afterward, also transferred the next episode of "The TRS Scrap Pile", our offbeat random clip show featuring excerpts from albums, radio shows, audio from TV shows, TRSE productions, etc. Being a half hour episode, figured I'd still be coherent enough to complete it. There was serious left channel dropout during part of the George Clinton song in the original cassette for some reason. Probably the age of the "Realistic Gold 60" tape, Radio Shack's house brand.

"The TRS Scrap Pile: Episode 5. Broadcast Monday, April 30, 1984 at 9:30pm central. Theme Music: Burt Reynold's House/If You Love Me Tell Me Loud(John Morris/Mel Brooks). In this week's scrap pile: "Cry,Cry,Cry"(Johnny Cash), two "takes of "Kissin' Cousins"(Elvis Presley), Elvis' first live recordings from the 1955-56 Louisiana Hayride, "Silly Millameter"(George Clinton)."

Just reminding, this makes the first time since the 1980's I've listened to a lot of these recordings again. It takes quite a while to convert the recordings, ESPECIALLY an hour and a half episode. Have to transfer to the hard drive in "real time", then after adding the sound clean-up and other effects, that adds another eight or so minutes each for the WAV and MP3 versions I'm making for the backups.
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