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More Cheap Cassette Tapes

This evening, transferred a couple more old 1980's Tape & Record Show Enterprises "broadcasts". Realized how "variable" those old budget "Laser XL90" branded blank cassettes were in quality. Some I have from that era sound better today than the Memorex tapes from the time, yet the one with episode 9 of Dennis Goodwin's "Orbit's Independent Sampler" was a muffled MESS! Seems to have deteriorated in storage, because I don't recall it sounding THAT terrible in 1986. The sound got progressively worse as the playback continued. After I finished the transfer, I looked at the playback head in the cassette deck. It had a brown coating. Apparently flaky oxide from the tape. Cleaned the head and transferred the recording a second time, with slightly better results. Ironically, if I had recorded that "broadcast" on one of the blank tapes I bought from Dennis' shop at the time, it might have held up better. Dennis didn't sell crap like "Laser". Think I might have bought that from either Kmart or Howard's Brandiscount. Unfun Fact: The next 6 episodes are on the exact same kind of cassette.

Didn't have any noticeable issues with the next transfer, episode 18 of "The James Stricklin Song Mirage", but then again, it was recorded on a "Maxell LN-90" cassette from 1984, not a "Laser" from 1986.

Descriptions from the original "broadcast" index cards, some things corrected via internet...

"Orbit's Independent Sampler: Episode 9. Broadcast Wednesday, September 10, 1986 at 8:00pm central. Theme Music: The Peter Gunn Theme(The Blues Brothers Band). Oldies show, featuring: Rock Around The Clock(Bill Haley and the Comets), That's All Right(Elvis Presley), Honey Don't(Carl Perkins), High School Confidential(Jerry Lee Lewis), Rainy Day Women(Bob Dylan), 19th Nervous Breakdown(The Rolling Stones), Hey Pocky A-Way(The Meters), Black Gal(Clifton Cheniere), Sissy Strut(The Meters)."

"James Stricklin Song Mirage: Episode 18. Broadcast Monday, November 26,1984 at 9:30pm central. Theme Music: Can You Feel It(The Jacksons). Woodie Tobias Jr(Albert Sims) is this week's co-host. Songs include: Monkee's Theme(The Monkees), We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore(Twisted Sister), Somebody To Love(Queen), Cruel Summer(Bananarama), She Was Hot(The Rolling Stones)."

Also this evening, since I found the original "theme music" tapes of the flagship "Tape & Record Show", which started in 1979 with only me, I transferred the earliest ones to digital. Those will come in handy when I start digitizing the original series, since way back then, I had no mixer, no way to copy tapes (was using a single portable cassette recorder for playback and record), when I listened to a "show" by myself, I had to play the tape with the theme music, take it out, put in the tape with the show content, play that, then put in the tape with the closing theme music. Either the portable cassette deck had low batteries at some point, or my voice was higher pitched when I was 13 and 14 years old. Music sounded "normal" however, for being recorded with a mono microphone from the device. I'll be using those transfers for piecing together those earliest "flagship" shows. I'm amazed those cassettes from then still sound "decent", especially the first one, recorded on a "Scotch" brand C-30 that was re-used several times before then. That tape came as a "demo" with my first portable Panasonic recorder my parents bought for me in 1973 at Barkers.
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