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If You Have Stuff Stored On CD-R/DVD-R Media, Ya Better Check 'Em

Tonight, in my seemingly never ending Tape & Record Show Enterprises digitization project, I started on Dennis Goodwin's "Orbit's Independent Sampler". Now, this was never ACTUALLY a TRSE "series", but I do actually know the host of the show. Bought MANY a record from his record store in the 80's/early 90's. Dennis had a weekend radio show on the local university radio station. I started recording the three hour shows as they were broadcast live. I then added a theme music, using some of Dennis' announcing during the broadcast as an introduction over the music, and cut the content of those live REAL radio broadcasts down into half hour TRSE "fake broadcasts", editing out any local "topical" announcements Dennis may have made, since those announcements would be seriously outdated by the time OUR version of the show was "aired" anyway, and would REALLY be outdated on any reruns (yes, we were like other outlets, we regularly "repeated" shows in our "broadcast" line-up). Also, on the TRSE end of things with the edited versions, there was a full YEAR between the time we "aired" the "pilot", and the actual "premiere" of the regular series, even though the first few episodes were all part of ONE original three hour live show.

The reason I titled this post on Livejournal "If You Have Stuff Stored On CD-R/DVD-R Media, Ya Better Check 'Em" (can't really "title" posts on Facebook) is because "Orbit's Independent Sampler" was another series, which back in the early/mid-00's, I thought I'd try to "preserve indefinitely" onto CD-R's, when I thought they were a reliable storage medium, like I did with "The TRS Music Show", "Crystal Warrior", etc., only to find those discs had a HIGH failure rate in later years. Luckily, I never got far into that older digitization project. The few discs I made back then that are still functioning, I use for the new transfers, then I pull out the old audio cassettes from the 1980's to continue. I had transferred eight of the "Orbit's Independent Sampler" half hour episodes to CD-R's. All episodes except the second one transferred fine to the new software, so I had to dig out the cassette edited in 1985 to transfer that one. Weirdly, a couple episodes transferred from the old CD-R copies are considerably LOUDER than others, but not "distorted". Not sure if it had something to do with running the old Roxio mastered digitations through the Magix software or what.

From personal observations, 40 year old audio cassettes hold up better than 20 year old CD-R/DVD-R media. Hopefully the TWO external hard drives I'm backing all these old recording up on now will be "somewhat" more reliable. Hard drives were out of my price range back when I was doing the original CD-R backups, but relatively cheap these days.

Since this post has already been "long winded", I'll post the contents of the episodes transferred in both WAV and 192kbps MP3 audio this evening in the next post.
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