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Second "Outtakes"

Transferred the second (and last) "Scenes From Those Unreleased TRSE Recording Sessions" compilation from the audio cassette to digital this evening. The special's "broadcast date" was Friday, December 13, 1991 at 10:00pm central, the 9th and final season of "The Tape & Record Show". Another 90 minute episode.

First off was an excerpt from the master tape of the first "Randy Haney's Life of Elvis" from March 1981. After he had finished recording the first episode at his house, there was a bit of tape left on the side. Randy played around with the radio in that space. Where else would you hear Randy sing with the "KLIC" radio jingle?

Then, most of an "abandoned" "E.T. Food Palace" skit recorded for an abandoned "James Stricklin Happy Hour" recording session from 1985. I was doing another lame Doug Henning impersonation, based on Rich Hall's impersonation on "Saturday Night Live". In character voices, James and I sing "She Blinded Me With Science". Nearly every time I said "It's an ILLUSION, Thank You!", James cracked up.

Next, a disastrous "James Stricklin Happy Hour" spoof of "Gunsmoke with James(Festus), Albert(Matt), Michelle Stricklin(Miss Kitty)(who gets "obscene" in the microphone), and Jerry Sanders(Newly)(1985). We got NOWHERE with that attempt!

Then, "The Stars:Behind the Scenes" Rehersal-Take 1(the only time the attempted "novel" by me was read aloud by the people planned to portray the characters later on video-which never came to be), James and Albert on the "Late Night Walk-Part II" talking about peeking into windows(1984), Paul Morrison bloops during his theme music(1988), Paul is at a loss for words on "An Evening with Paul Morrison"(1985), and Randy Haney performs "Blue Christmas" and "Why Can't Everyday Be Like Christmas" by Elvis Presley(1985).

First time hearing this compilation in 30 years. Nearly spit drink out on my keyboard in some parts because of the hilarity. Ironically, and I don't think I thought it out ahead of time "broadcast date" wise, but it was appropriate to end with excerpts from an unreleased Christmas themed "Life of Elvis" episode.

Again, as I've stated in previous posts about these audio cassette to digital file transfers... you probably had to actually BE there at the time to know WTF I'm talking about!
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