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3D Beef and ETs

Just finished digitizing two more ancient audio cassette recordings from the early 1980's. One doesn't include any friends on the tape, but was the main "inspiration" for a short lived "series" my friends and I recorded.

The first I transferred was a special "TRS Presents" episode, "The Gala Opening of the 3-D House of Beef", which was a sketch on the old "SCTV Network 90" show on NBC, with John Candy, Eugene Levy, and Joe Flaherty. With the help of some SCTV ad parodies and the standard "TRS Presents" series break in the middle for "station identification", I was able to pad it out to a half hour show. Tape and Record Show originally "broadcast" the special on Sunday, December 26,1982 at 1:30pm central.

Next, I transferred "The Gala Premiere of the Opening of the E.T. Food Palace", a half hour originally "broadcast" in this form on Saturday, January 1, 1983 at 7:03am central as part of the overnight Tape & Record Show 1982/83 New Year's Celebration. It had James Stricklin and I blatantly copying the "Dr. Tongue", "Bruno", and "Count Floyd" characters from the SCTV sketch, even copying most of the script. As with the original SCTV skit, I took the shorter skit James and I originally recorded for the Friday, November 12, 1982 "broadcast" of "The James Stricklin Happy Hour" and padded it out to a half hour, by using interstitial material from "The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail" to turn the sketch into a "movie premiere", with Zapp's "Dance Floor" in the middle. I almost panicked while transferring when the tape started glitching, then remembered I originally did that on purpose in the editing to simulate a film projector being turned off.

Along with all the similarities mentioned already, the original "broadcast copies" of both shows were each on "Realistic Low Noise" brand C-30 cassette tapes.
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