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More Old Tapes In The Can

Just finished digitizing episodes 5 and 6 of "The James Stricklin Happy Hour", original fake "broadcast dates" of Monday, August 20, 1984 and Monday, December 31, 1984. Still some "politically incorrect" stuff in those episodes. Episode 5 made me nearly spit out my drink though, after not listening to it in over three decades. James, Jerry Sanders, and I did spoofs of three guys attempting a jailbreak, and lots of "Leave It to Beaver" episodes. Jerry, as "the little Cleaver boy", got "slapped" a lot.

Episode 6 was mainly a "best of", with skits from the previous episodes. Yes, that was possible back when we recorded on audio cassettes, since I made copies of the original tapes. "New" material was the complete "Cleaver Seance", which was edited from episode 5 because of time constraints, and a BBC "Two Ronnies" spoof of the BBC show "Top Of the Pops", just because apparently, because of my narration at the time, we thought it was funnier than our "Pac-Man Incident" skit. Doesn't translate to audio, so, after all these decades, here's the VIDEO of the "Two Ronnies" skit...

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