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Esophagus and sinuses and doctors, Oh My!

Doctor said the esophagus passageway was clear during the procedure a couple weeks ago. She wants me to make a diary of the meals I eat, and also write down if I get nauseas or light headed after eating. She said since the nerves to the stomach were severed during the esophagus surgery back in 2018, the digestive tract and metabolism works different now, and there may need to be some adjustments to my diet.

She also said not to drink anything until about half an hour after eating, not mix food and liquid. First time I'm hearing this since the surgery. She wants to see me back, with my notes on my meals, in six weeks.

She didn't really say anything about my sinus issues, but then again, it's not really her field.

Mom is having the same issues I am at the moment in regards to sinuses... sneezing, runny nose, and a low fever. She also has a cough. Neither of us were sick until after late last week, when Andrew came home and said he had to leave work and go to the doctor that day because of sinus related issues. Mom and I think he passed his crud onto us. Luckily, they tested him when he went, and it wasn't COVID related.

I see my primary care doctor next Friday for a follow up on other things. If I'm still having symptoms, I'll let him know, since he's a general practioner, not a surgery specialist.
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