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WHERE Do I Begin??

Just digitized episode four of the "broadcast version" of my friends and I "fake radio show" we recorded in the 80's of "The James Stricklin Happy Hour" ('Broadcast' Monday, July 23, 1984 at 9:00pm central). Exactly HOW much offense, by todays standards, could we squeeze into an hour? Haven't listened to the recording in over three decades before digitizing the cassette this evening. I did a LOT of "cringing" at the supposed "humor". Don't blame the guy the show was named after, because at the time we were ALL guilty! The episode was obviously cobbled together from previously unreleased stuff and "filler material" to make an hour "show" at the time.

First was a spin off of our earlier "E.T. Food Palace" skit, which itself was a parody of "Dr.Tongue's 3-D House of Beef" from "SCTV". The spin-off was called "The Sandy Hook Delicatessen". Keep in mind this was AGES before the shooting in Sandy Hook. Name for the skit came from the location of "Radiola Records", a company that released old radio shows on LP records at the time we made the recording.

Next offense, James played the role of "musical guest" Don Wiley, from the local mobile home company. In character, he sung an improvised song while strumming on a guitar (strumming is all I can call it, definitely couldn't actually PLAY the thing!). The song had to do with Don getting a "boner" when his daughter was sitting on his lap. That made me wonder WTF we were thinking in the early 1980's.

Then, a few other brief references. Obviously stereotyped Japanese impersonations, another extremely racist reference from a small clip from the first "Randy Haney Comedy Hour", Jerry doing his "Fat Albert" impersonation (just think Bill Cosby), jokes about Dolly Parton's "assets", and finally, at the end of the episode, edited audio of James' first wedding, which would offend his current wife.

So, even though I've digitized that episode now, I'd like to apologize to everyone on the planet for the original recording.

On the slightly "bright side", I was able to filter out some of the "buzzing" in that last segment out with modern software.
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