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James Stricklin 3

Just finished transferring the third "James Stricklin Happy Hour" to the hard drive from the original "broadcast" version of the audio cassette, date was Monday, May 7, 1984 at 9:00pm central.

The show was notable for being a full hour parody, of "The David Letterman Show" and also the first time (and one of the FEW times) we attempted to add sound effects. In this case, applause and laugh tracks. I remember putting an extremely long audience laugh from "Bosom Buddies" in a loop for the laugh track, but can't remember WHERE I got the applause from at the time.

I had two tape decks and a cheap Radio Shack branded mixer at the time, otherwise the "effects" I added after the show was recorded wouldn't have been possible. Primitive equipment and editing, but, not to "brag", it wasn't bad for what I had in 1984.
Tags: 1984, audio cassettes, bosom buddies, digital recordings

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