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Pressure Pad Failure


Decided to "re-remaster" the old audio recording from Halloween 1982 my friends and I made at the West Monroe,Louisiana Skatetown, since I wasn't really happy with the job Audacity did with the "cleanup". The recording NEVER sounded "great", but I figured Sound Forge would do a better job, as it has with other recordings.

Took out the original "edited broadcast version" copy again. Think I just MIGHT have figured out the "squeak" issue from the Audacity attempt. First thing happened after I took the tape out of the case... pressure pad fell off! Guess the adhesive on the Radio Shack cassette finally decided to give up the ghost after nearly 40 years.

Unfortunately, I have no glue in the house at the moment. Also didn't think ahead before starting this massive digitization project of the old tapes to order a pressure pad replacement kit (yes, there IS such a product).

FORTUNATELY, however, I still had some unused blank cassettes bought in the 1990's, just before recordable CDs became a thing. I opened one of those, which had screws holding the housing together (which makes things significantly easier when dissecting a tape). I dissected the ancient Radio Shack tape (which I had to pry apart with a flathead screwdriver), removed the blank tape spool from the newer tape housing, and put the spool of the Skatetown recording into the new housing, which has an intact pressure pad.

I am currently in the process of re-transferring the old tape. The tape is already, before running filters, sounding better than it did in the earlier attempt.

Listening to this recording, can't help but remind me how freggin' ANNOYING that "nervous laugh" I had back then was!
Tags: audio cassettes, digitization, tape repair

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