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Another Tape Converted

Since one of the live podcasts I usually watch Monday evenings took the night off due to high heat in Canada, I used the time to digitally convert another old audio cassette my friends and I made in the 1980's, this time the second "Randy Haney Comedy Hour", originally "broadcast" Friday, November 25, 1983.

Randy and James Stricklin sing a few early 80's hits together, and some improvised skits, some FAR from being "politically correct" (thankfully at least most of us don't think that way anymore). One of the highlights is Randy reading a poem, "The roses have wilted, the violets are dead, sugar is lumpy, and so is my head", and as James and I were doing our "Hog Brothers" routine, and Randy was unresponsive for a while, James said "This ain't working out so good".

As for the order I'm transferring stuff, I've started with the earliest stuff, since they were recorded on the cheapest quality cassettes, like those that used to be sold in three-packs without hard cases. Also, I'm using second generation copies, the "broadcast versions", edited from the original master tapes at the time.

Even though I'm not currently using the ORIGINAL masters, but the edited copies I made back then, I'm still amazed at what the audio software I'm currently using can do. After applying the proper filters in conversion, the old recordings actually sound BETTER than the old tapes when hearing them in their original form. For every digital conversion, I'm making both a WAV and MP3 version, the latter in case the friends want an easily "condensed" copy at some point.

The cassette converted this evening...

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