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Success In Dubbing

Since I finally got the cassette deck to pick up BOTH stereo channels with the old fashioned analog cable, I re-remastered the first " Randy Haney Comedy Hour" and the only "Randy Haney Comedy Show"(an edited version of the hour). It has been so long since I listened to the half-hour version, I forgot there were segments in it recorded for the hour version that weren't in the original version. Also, forgot I spent a lot of time "cassette editing" for various versions of shows my friends and I recorded then.

Weirdly, the Intermagnetics C-60 cassette the Hour was recorded on actually sounds better after all these years than the Radio Shack Realistic C-30 the edited Show version is on. The Intermagnetics tape I used for the "broadcast copy" version is also a dub from a "master cassette", as was the Radio Shack tape.

Still... after running the tapes through the software program, they actually sound a lot better than the original tapes.
Tags: audio cassettes, digitization, dubbing, magix, quality

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