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Won't Be Eating Until Mid-Day

I probably won't be eating anything today until at least 3:00pm. Have an appointment at the hospital at 1:45pm this afternoon to see about the more frequent nausea/gagging I've been having lately. I dare not eat if I have to drive, too big a risk I'll have one of my overly bright vision/lightheadedness/rapid heartbeat spells I get frequently after eating. When that happens, I lave to lay down an hour or so before it clears up.

I guess I COULD have rescheduled the appointment for some morning instead, so I wouldn't have to go almost all day without food, but it's a bit late for that now.

I've had these issues since having the surgery in late 2018. This is the reason you'll probably never see me sitting down and eating in a restaurant again. When I order from a restaurant now, I go pick it up and eat at home.
Tags: dizziness, doctor appointments, driving, eating, food, health

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