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Advance Apologies

Just finished digitally transferring another old "Tape & Record Show Enterprises" audio recording my friends and I made on October 30, 1982, the first of the three " Randy Haney Comedy Hour" shows.

The first half hour or so of the episode was your "standard fare", namely Randy singing along with Elvis Presley songs and a few songs from the Broadway cast album of "Grease".

However, some of the "comedy" bits, improvised by Randy, with me, James Stricklin , and Matt Morehead going "along" with at the time, are now painfully uncomfortable to listen to, mainly due to the "political incorrectness" (to put it lightly).

We were all still in high school at the time, and I know I was still fairly "influenced" by my dad's beliefs, which I eventually grew out of. Haven't talked to Randy enough the past few decades to see how he might consider the recording, but he still might hold a grudge against the kid at school who had punched him out one day on the WMHS lot, so he might still lump everyone of that persuasion in the same category as a result.

The " Jerry Sanders is a big fat blob" comment Randy made is TAME by comparison to the slurs uttered in that recording.

Still going to preserve the recording, since I consider it "historical", but even to those who have never heard it, I'd like to apologize for it.
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