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Lengthy Transfers

I'll technically be "offline" the next 3½ hours or so transferring more cassettes my friends and I recorded back in the 1980's. Tonight will be a rather lengthy project, part one of a "Life of Elvis" special from 1985 with Randy Haney commemorating the 50th anniversary of the birth of Elvis Presley. Part one has a total three hour run time. Part two, which I will tackle another day, has a two hour run time.

That's the thing about digitizing audio cassettes... no way to really speed up the process. They pretty much have to be transferred in "real time".

EDIT: The "estimated" 3½ hour project just MIGHT take longer than that. Keep having to stop the first cassette in the special to try to fix warbling/squeaking issues... and I'm NOT referring to Randy Haney 's voice! 🤪
Tags: audio cassettes, digitizing, recordings

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