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Remastering Old Cassettes, But Carefully

Transferring the old "fake radio shows" my friends and I made in the 1980's, the earliest ones recorded on cheap mono cassette recorders, I've noticed it's a "fine balance" for me, meaning I want them to sound good, but also want to preserve the crude sound quality they had originally, for nostalgia sake. Trying to strike a balance in the audio cleanup settings in the software program. Cut out "some" of the hiss/static, yet still have the "tinny" sound.

I have a feeling with this post, that only professional people like Stu Shostak , Steve Beverly , Dick DeBartolo , Jerry Scroggin , will know what I'm aiming for in these "remasters". In other words, those earliest recordings, "crappy", yet still "listenable and authentic". So far, I think I'm managing that. Started with the earliest "original program" "Tape & Record Show Enterprises" produced, " Randy Haney 's Life of Elvis" (started in 1981). Will work my way up from there. The earliest cassettes are a priority. Mylar tape, especially CHEAP tape, has a limited life span! There are a lot of off brand cassettes like Certron, Alcon, and Murphy's Mart in the collection from that time, the latter not even having a clear plastic layer on the encloser over the exposed window of the tape.
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