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Life Stinks

I'll be needing at least around $50 more before the 15th of next month to cover the internet bill, since the SSDI hearing is still months away. Found out I'll be losing access to one streaming service anyway (Hulu), since the person who has been letting me "share" their account is dropping it, and I can't afford to pay for any myself currently. Sent an email to the legal team handling my SSDI, just in case, to give them the number of my cheap flip phone, since the home phone uses the internet, and they said, because of the covid stuff, the hearing itself would be over the phone. Also, if I have to drop internet, the ONLY way they would then be able to contact me would be the flip phone or snail mail.

Sometimes, with the health issues, money issues, etc, I wonder why I even bother getting up in the mornings. :-( /
Tags: bills, facebook fundraiser, gofundme, health, internet, money, ssdi

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