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ONLY "9 -10 months" without? Gimmie a break!

Before the live "This Week in Tech" podcast officially started this afternoon, the host was talking to the guests about how hard it must be for single people during the pandemic due to social restrictions. He said, since they can't really "go out", they've probably been without sex for the last 9-10 months.

First of all, ONLY "9-10 months" without?? Try 23 YEARS! My last time was in late 1997 when my old elementary school girlfriend showed up out of the blue at my door one evening, a couple months after my divorce. We got to talking, one thing lead to another, and we "did the deed". Happened one more time about a week later, and I haven't heard from her since. I think the "one thing leading to another" that first time might have been because I had to slip on a robe when I heard the knock on the door around 8:30pm that evening. Since I was living alone then (son was living with the ex, mom was still living next door in the trailer), I tended to spend a LOT of my at-home time " au-natural". Nowdays, since mom and son are here, it's now limited to my room after 8:00pm or so, after mom has retired for the night and son is either working or in his room gaming.

Also, the pandemic wouldn't stop ME from "hooking up" with an old acquaintance if I knew there was even a SLIGHT chance for sex after all these years, whether it was them unexpectedly showing up at my door like in 1997 (although they'd have to show up after 8pm), or inviting me to THEIR place! 🤪


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