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Long, Busy Day

Had the follow-up appointment for the MRI on my left arm this morning. Torn muscle in rotator cuff. I'm being set up for appointments with physical therapy and orthopedics. Mom went along, because she has an appointment with her primary care doctor next week and needed lab work done, so she did that while I saw the doctor. After my visit, doctor sent ME to the lab.

Mom and I came home for a couple hours, then headed out again. She had a 1pm appointment with the dentist to have a tooth removed. It was the type of removal that included the root, so she needed a driver.

After that, I dropped her off at home, and went to Brookshire's to pick up the two new medications I was prescribed today. While there, I looked for "soft things" for mom to eat. She can't really have any "solids" for around a week, after she gets the stitches out. She wanted some of those sugar free Jello Pudding Cups, but they were sold out. They were also sold out of the canned Sweet Sue Chicken and Dumplings.

Soooo, I leave Brookshire's with only my prescriptions, and figure I'd try Super 1 Foods. They were out of those items also. I try the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market. Same result. Lastly, I went to Harvest Foods. They had the pudding, but they were ALSO sold out of the chicken and dumplings. I decided to get the pudding, and settled for some chicken based condensed soups for mom.

Being I have those occasional, unpredictable bouts of dizziness and rapid heart rate after eating sometimes, I waited until I was finished running around for the day. I finally ate my first bit of food for the day around 4:30pm this afternoon.
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