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Long Lost Loves

Tomorrow is Barbara's birthday. "Who is Barbara?" you may ask yourself. Well, Barbara was my "first love". We met as classmates in elementary school, and were "on again / off again" for several of our early school years (old classmates of mine MAY know who I'm referring to). I still think of her regularly after all these decades.

The last time I saw her was a few months after my divorce in 1997. She unexpectedly knocked on my door late one evening. I'm guessing she might have seen the divorce notice which was printed in the local newspaper. I was living alone at the time, it was before mom retired from her job and I moved her in with me, so she could rent her trailer out for extra income, and Andrew was with the ex in Baton Rouge.

We talked a while to do some "catching up", since we hadn't seen each other in ages. When she was getting ready to leave, she gave me an intimate kiss. Well, as you might guess, that lead to her staying a couple hours longer. A few days later, she showed up again.

After that second time, she stopped showing up or contacting me. I found that a huge disappointment, because, even though she was married, I was hoping she would at least become a regular "friend with benefits". As of this writing, that last visit from her was the last time I've been "intimate" with someone.

That would never happen now however, since because of mom and my son living here, there is a lack of "privacy" for the most part. If I had a lady visitor, they would have to show up after 8:00pm (the time mom goes to bed for the night), and we would have to do all our "visiting" in the back of the house, since my son's room is in the front part of the house.

From time to time, I do searching on social media for her, but as far as I can tell, she has no online presence whatsoever. I will never forget her however.
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