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Arm Exam Results...So Far...

Back from the doctor. The doctor I saw went and got another doctor to see me. The way the other doctor was explaining things to the original doctor I was supposed to see, the original didn't know much about the issues with my arm. It could "possibly" be a torn tendon, but don't know yet. They sent me for x-rays and blood work, and prescribed an anti-inflammatory medicine (which my pharmacy said won't be ready until tomorrow afternoon).

I have a return appointment in two weeks, and an appointment with physical therapy on July 9th. If the therapy doesn't work, they will schedule an MRI on the arm. They said I might end up having to see an orthopedic surgeon if nothing else works to stop the pains.

Just what I'd need... more surgery. NOT!
Tags: arm pain, doctors, medicine, ochsner lsu, xrays

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