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What COULD Have Been...

Every year on this date, I think about the girl I dated the second longest, before the ex-wife. Absolute longest "relationship" was with my first childhood sweetheart. Today (May 31st) is her birthday. Haven't talked to her in some time, except the few times I've run across her in town. I keep thinking how different things might have been for me today if I hadn't been too scared to try to go to third or fourth base with her. I think my worry about it might have chased her away might have been the reason she left, since a few years later, when she started working at my workplace again (Burger King, where we had met), we were on break together, had a talk, and she said she would have had no problem if I had "went for it". Unfortunately, by that time, she was with someone new.

In my opinion, we had much better chemistry than the ex-wife and I had. If I hadn't been such a chicken back in the day, we MIGHT would have still been together. I've never really gotten her out of my mind after the nearly three decades that have passed.
Tags: birthdays, girlfriends, nostalgia, relationships

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