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Check I Can't Cash

Just as I predicted, I have a check I can't seem to get cashed anywhere.

A friend said he had a friend who wanted to donate to me to help with my bills, but she didn't want to use GoFundMe, so she mailed me a personal check instead. Since I don't currently have a bank account anywhere (can't afford to start one), two banks I've taken it to refuse to cash it UNLESS I have an account with them. Walmart said they can only cash pre-printed checks, not personal ones.

When I posted on Facebook a few days ago that I'd probably have problems getting a personal check cashed, another friend suggested I could probably get it cashed at a branch of the issuing bank. I looked at the "Wells Fargo Bank" website. It said, "We currently do not have any locations within 100 miles of where you are located". At least GoFundMe donations go straight onto my pre-paid debit card. :-/

EDIT (4/11/2020): Just had a friend offer to give me money for the check I was sent to help with my bills, and she'd deposit it in her account. Couldn't let her take the risk however. I've known the person whose friend mailed me the check for a few years now, but I really know NOTHING about the woman who wrote the check. Just too big a risk in case the check were to "bounce".

One of my uncles suggested a place over in Monroe I might be able to get it cashed (if it doesn't bounce), so I'll try that place the day after my procedure Tuesday. Don't want to jeopardize a good friendship in case anything went south.

I appreciate my friends offer though.
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