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Wasted Trips

Yesterday I posted about the calls, two in the same afternoon) about my monthly EGD procedure. The first, telling me to be there at 6am this morning for it, then the second call saying they wouldn't be able to do it until after they tested me for COVID-19. Got a call THIS morning around 9:20am, asking could I be there by 10:40am for the drive-thru test. I said "Yes", and drove to the hospital.

I get there, only to have them tell me, since my procedure was now scheduled for this coming Monday, I can't get the COVID screening today, that it has to be 48-72 hours before the procedure takes place. SO... they reschedule my screening for TOMORROW morning at 10:00am, meaning I drove ALL the way to the hospital this morning for NOTHING!

I said it yesterday, and I'm saying it AGAIN... I REALLY wish Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport Monroe Medical Center would get their shit together. It seems like their right hand doesn't know what their left hand is doing lately!
Tags: confusion, covid19, egd, hospital, ochsner lsu, procedures

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