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I'm "Virtually" Non-existant

Yesterday, when I was in the room at the hospital waiting for the doctor to come in for my follow-up appointment from the CT scan, I overheard a phone conversation on the other side of the door. A hospital employee was calling a man who had a post-op appointment scheduled. Because of this covid-19 mess, the hospital is trying to have as FEW people as possible actually be there. They asked the person, if he wasn't having any "serious" issues, could he download an Android or iPhone app, and do a "virtual appointment" instead. Apparently he could, because I heard the hospital employee giving him directions on how to go about it.

I know I'll have a post-op appointment some time after my next esophageal dilation procedure this coming Wednesday. I also have a "check up" appointment with my primary care doctor (also at the hospital) on April 20th. If they bring up that "virtual appointment" thing with me, they will be sadly out of luck. Only mobile phone I have is a cheap flip phone, which you can't add "apps" to. I heard no mention at all in that conversation to the patient about a way to do a "virtual appointment" via a desktop PC, which would be the ONLY way I could accomplish that. The way it looks, I'd either have to show up in person, or skip the scheduled appointments altogether.
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