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Apparently, some of the symptoms of covid-19 are coughing, diarrhea, tiredness, lack of energy, fever, joint pain, runny nose. The "side effects" I've had since having the surgery on my esophagus are coughing, diarrhea, tiredness, lack of energy, and occasional dizziness, overly bright vision, rapid heartbeat shortly after eating (to the point I have to lay down an hour or so after eating before it clears up). About three months ago, I started developing soreness and pain in the upper part of my left arm, especially if I stretch it out too far or raise the arm too high, also resulting in the two small fingers of my left hand going numb (going to bring the subject back up when I see my "primary care" doctor on the 20th). Currently have a runny nose/puffy eyes from seasonal allergies (happens every spring). Only thing I DON'T seem to have is fever.

If someone didn't know me better, they MIGHT think I have that blasted virus!
Tags: covid19, esophagus surgery, side effects, similarities, symptoms

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