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Check Or No Check

A friend sent a message yesterday that they knew someone who wanted to contribute to help with my current financial issues, but the person didn't want to use GoFundMe. They wanted my address to mail a check instead.

I gave my friend my address to give to the person he knows, but I got to thinking... I just "might" have trouble getting a "personal check" cashed. Most check cashing places will only cash printed checks from businesses or government, and most banks won't touch them unless you have an account with them. Because of my financial issues, I haven't had a bank account in ages. Haven't had money to spare to even put IN a bank, without having to take it ALL back out immediately afterwards. The little bit of money I get through GoFundMe gets deposited on a pre-paid money card, which I then in turn use to pay the bills.

Long story short, I might get the check, and be unable to do anything with it. 😕


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