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Benefit Update

Got an envelope from the Social Security Administration yesterday, wanting me and a witness to sign a form giving them permission to access updated medical records. After they receive the form back, I'll be scheduled for a hearing (after 75 days) via video teleconferencing at a particular location.

Had to change the phone number they had on the printed form though. Guess they got the number from Myler Disability, but the WRONG number. They had my cell number as default. I only use the cell when I'm away from home, and mainly as an "emergency" phone. The rest of the time, it's plugged into the charger in another room, and I rarely answer it when it rings, since it only seems to get "spam" calls anyway. No one "important" has that number. If someone wants to get in touch with me, they need to call my HOME phone number.
Tags: disability, phone numbers, social security, ssdi, ssi
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