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Fuck My Life, Or What Is Left of It

Just got another rejection letter in the mail from the Social Security Administration concerning my application for disability benefits. They say after THEIR physicians reviewed my medical records, it was their determination I can work at a job.

ONLY way I could work at any job would be if it was VERY light duty, and scheduled VERY early in the day, and even then, I wouldn't risk eating anything before going to the job or AT the job, because there's a chance the occasional lightheadedness, rapid heartbeat, and blown out vision would hit me, and I'd end up passing out as a result. I would have to wait until I was home for the day to risk eating. I've only done manual labor jobs, and you need some strength for those, something I'm in short supply of since the surgery.

I was having a hard enough time trying to find work BEFORE this shit hit me, thinking because of my age, even though then I could have worked ANY hours of the day at that time. I don't know of any LIGHT job I could get that would allow me to STRICTLY pick the earliest shift, AND would put up with me having to take three or more days off randomly every month for doctor visits/procedures. If I wasn't allowed strictly the earliest shift at a light job, then I'd have to try to go without eating the ENTIRE day, to avoid the risk of passing out, and that in itself would probably cause me to pass out.

Hopefully Myler Disability will be able to get the appeal going soon, otherwise, I'm going to be totally screwed. Mom is getting tapped out helping me financially, and if anything were to happen to her, I might as well just give up on living myself.
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