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I Don't Get Texts

At my post-op appointment Wednesday, they told me I was "past due" on some lab work they wanted done. First I had heard of it. No one informed me about it.

Turns out, they said they had me down to get text messages. NO WONDER I didn't get the information! I don't "do" text messages. The primary number I gave them is for my home phone, so if they tried sending text messages to THAT, it wouldn't work anyway. The cellphone I have is a flip phone with only voice minutes on it, that I only grab when leaving the house in case an "emergency" crops up while I'm away from home.

Anywho, they said they would go back to sending me appointment updates the way they used to, by mail. I told them email would work also. I'm signed up to their online "MyChart" website, but I don't always think to check that.
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