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Stuck With Symptoms

Went to the appointment my primary care doctor set up for me with a cardiologist at the hospital this afternoon. As I predicted, no issues with my heart. The cardiologist pretty much agrees with the surgeon who did my esophagus surgery last December and does the monthly esophageal dilations, that the occasional lightheadedness, rapid heartbeat, overly bright blown out vision I get sometimes after eating, is an effect of "dumping syndrome", which isn't unusual after that type of surgery, and not much can be done to fix it.

Guess I'm stuck with it. Bad thing though, like today, since it's unpredictable when I'll get those symptoms, if I have somewhere I need to go on a certain day, as a precaution, I don't eat that day until after I get home. Today, as a result, my first bite to eat all day was nearly 3:30 in the afternoon.
Tags: doctors, dumping syndrome, health, heart, hospital.
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