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If It's Not One Thing, It's YET Another

One of the doors to the house decided to open on its own. I'm by no means a "carpenter", but it looks like the door/frame became unaligned. Managed to get it to shut again by prying downwards on the door from the top with a large screwdriver, but in the process, due to my health issues, I nearly blacked out (it hadn't been long after I had eaten, and it was one of those times I was getting a dizzy spell).

Mom said she'll check with Uncle Barrett (who hasn't been in the best of health himself lately) and see when he might feel up to coming over to look at it, since we can't really afford an actual carpenter to come look at it at the moment.

In the meanwhile, just in case my realignment doesn't hold, I've placed a chair with a couple cases of bottled water on it against the door.

The legal firm and Social Security needs to move a bit faster on my disability appeal.
Tags: doors, health, house repairs

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