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Forgetfulness and Dizziness

Really unsure what is up with my memory after the surgery. Before the surgery, I could remember things fine. Now, however, seems I forget one minute to the next. I put the laundry out yesterday. Mom asked if the stuff was ready to be folded a couple hours later. I had forgotten I put the things in the washing machine, so they weren't even in the dryer yet.

Today, since I don't drive near as often as I used to, I figured I better crank the truck and let it run a while, so the battery wouldn't run down. Cranked it up a little after 11am and came back inside. Decided to go check the mail around 1:30pm, and when I opened the door and heard the truck running, I realized I had forgotten I started it earlier.

After eating today, I got the dizziness/blown out vision again. Lasted an hour or so. Changed my bed linens this afternoon, had to stop twice during the process due to lightheadedness.

Thinking the forgetfulness MIGHT be residual effects from having to be put under anesthesia once a month for the esophageal dilations. Not sure though. Neither are either of my doctors.
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