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Maybe Not So Disappointing After All...

Follow-up to my post on August 16th...

I posted the picture of the "I Dream of Jeannie" DVD I assumed was suffering from bad "disc rot" the other day on Home Theater Forum. One reply I got said, "It 'looks' like an off gassing issue that is reversable." First time I had heard the term "off gassing". I had previously tried wiping the disc on the front of my shirt, and since nothing about the appearance changed, I assumed the damage was between the layers. The person who replied linked me to a disc cleaning product. Since I'm low on money at the moment, I figured I'd just try using a non-abrasive cloth along with the spray liquid I use on the LCD TVs and computer monitor. After applying strong pressure and wiping a few times in a circular motion, surprisingly the disc looked like a brand new DVD. I put it in the player, and it now plays fine again.

I just find it strange that only the ONE disc in the set developed that issue. It is a four disc set in a slip cover, discs one and two in one snap case, discs three and four in a second snap case...

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