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Waste of Time

After today's "diabetes class" at the hospital this morning, I've decided not to attend another one. There have been TWO so far, once a month, each lasting THREE HOURS each. So far, they haven't really told me anything I didn't already know, and the woman "nutritionist" who takes over from the RN about halfway through is annoying as fuck, with her nagging "in your face" personality. I found it ironic that the nurse mentioned high stress can affect blood sugar levels, yet the nutritionist does a very good job at raising my stress levels.

Also, I had another appointment at the hospital at noon for an EKG, for the balloon dilation procedure on my esophagus tomorrow morning. Alerted the "Annoying Nutritionist" I had to be out of the class before noon today as a result. She shrugged it off and said, "They're pretty easy going in that department, they won't care if you are a little late." Needless to say, I had no intention on being late. The diabetic class was scheduled for three hours, starting at 9:00am, but was obviously going to run longer.

Around 11:39am, the "Annoying Nutritionist" discovered she didn't have some papers she wanted us to fill out about our "diet and exercise goals", and she was going to have to leave the room to get them out of her office. I took that time to "make a break for it". Told the person next to me I thought that it would be a good time for me to go to the restroom. I left the room and went on to my EKG appointment.

After getting home, there was a new addition to the "My Chart" online website from the hospital, for yet ANOTHER class scheduled for September 19th. Yeah, Ochsner, good luck with THAT. I'll obviously go for all my actual MEDICAL appointments and procedures, but that freggin' "class" can go fly a kite!
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