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Geek Post: My Current Daily Driver (Browser) Setup

For the past few years, I've used Opera as my main internet browser, after Firefox started getting lax in their development and started making several bad decisions. Several years ago, I even used the paid version of Opera for a while(which no longer exists). A few reasons I like Opera today is that it seems to be less of a memory hog than Chrome or Firefox, it was the first to develop a pop-out "always on top" video window feature, you can click on the current tab once to go to the top of a page, click again to go back to the part of the page you were originally on, better cookie management than Firefox currently has, a separate search box you can activate next to the URL box, and a "handy" pop-up when you highlight text to either "Search" or "Copy". It also has a built in ad blocker, which I don't use since Ublock Origin is better, and a built in VPN, which I've never used because I really don't have a use for it.

I use a few extensions to add features, some from the Opera extensions site and a few from the Chrome extension site, since both browsers are based on Chromium...

1. Ublock Origin : The best of all the add blockers IMO. I never blocked ads until around four years ago, when a rogue banner ad tried to throw malware at me. Luckily my antivirus caught it before any harm was done.

2. Tampermonkey : Nice userscript manager, helps keep some rogue javascript from happening on random pages.

3. User-Agent Switcher : Handy for spoofing the browser user agent string for websites that are looking for a more "major" browser.

4. Reporter : Handy for reporting websites who aren't using standards and only want you to use one of the few "major" browsers.

5. SimpleTabOrder : Adds functionality to the way tabs work, better than Opera's built in system.

6. Mute Tab : Extension to keep websites that might have autoplaying audio quiet until you are ready to hear them.

7. AdBlocker for YouTube : Keeps most pre-roll ads on YouTube from playing.

8. Install Chrome Extensions : Allows you to install extensions from the Chrome Web Store into Opera, for the ones not on the Opera extension website. Most work fine in Opera.

9. History Disabler : Allows you to keep all browsing history, including downloads, automatically deleted.

10. Forecastfox (fix version) : Handy weather extension for the URL bar.

11. Cookie AutoDelete : Adds cookie control functionality that isn't built in to any browser that I'm aware of.

12. AutoplayStopper : Best extension I've found so far to stop pesky autoplaying videos on websites.

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