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Geek Post: My Current Daily Driver (Browser) Setup

Lately, I've went back to using Firefox as my main internet desktop browser, after using the Opera browser as default for a few years. I left Firefox behind a while back, after they seemed to neglect the browser, and made several bad decisions in the way it was being developed. The latest versions of Firefox seem to have fixed the excessive memory issues. The interface is more customizable than any Chromium based browser. Ad blocking extensions seem to block more in Firefox than in the Chromium browsers. In settings, there are more ways to control the way tabs behave. There are settings in "about:config" to stop most auto-playing videos. The "Sync" feature lets you synchronize virtually everything between devices, including extensions. Most other browsers, you have to hunt down and reinstall your extensions if you need to reinstall the browser. Firefox has also implemented a feature first in Opera which I find extremely useful, "Picture in picture", which allows you to keep a video window open on top of other windows while you browse the net, although currently, you need to activate it via Firefox "about:config" settings(values below). Mozilla also recently started making their add-on developers use two-factor authentication when posting their add-ons to the Mozilla store, to help cut down on fake/rogue/malware extensions.

There are still a few "quirks" with the way a few websites display, but I've noticed that with nearly ALL the browsers on the market today.

Here are the browser extensions I currently use to add functionality...

1. Ublock Origin : The best of all the ad blockers IMO. I never blocked ads until around four years ago, when a rogue banner ad tried to throw malware at me. Luckily my antivirus caught it before any harm was done.

2. Tampermonkey : Nice userscript manager, helps keep some rogue javascript from happening on random pages.

3. User-Agent Switcher : Handy for spoofing the browser user agent string for websites that are looking for a more "major" browser.

4. ScrollToTop : Toolbar button to scroll immediately to the top of a page.

5. Open Image In New Tab : Adds a context menu item to open images in a new tab.

6. Mute Tab : Extension to keep websites that might have autoplaying audio quiet until you are ready to hear them.

7. AdBlocker for YouTube : Keeps most pre-roll ads on YouTube from playing.

8. Forecastfox (fix version) : Handy weather extension for the URL bar.

9. Cookie AutoDelete : Adds cookie control functionality that isn't built in to any browser that I'm aware of.

10. Black New Tab : Use a black page as your new tab page.

11. Reporter : Handy for reporting websites who aren't using standards and only want you to use one of the few "major" browsers.

12. Share on Twitter : Share current tab, links and selected text on Twitter.

13. Share to Facebook : Share Button for Facebook lets you share your web page on your Facebook timeline by adding a special Facebook Button.

Some Settings I've Modified in the "about:config" Settings

browser.cache.disk.enable - false
browser.sessionstore.interval - 864000000 (to keep the SSD in my PC from getting overwritten too many times)
media.autoplay.default - 5
media.autoplay.blocking_policy - 2
media.block-autoplay-until-in-foreground - false
media.autoplay.allow-muted - false
media.autoplay.block-event.enabled - true
media.autoplay.enabled.user-gestures-needed - false
media.videocontrols.picture-in-picture.enabled - true - true - true - true
privacy.purge_trackers.enabled - false

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