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Random Questionnaire, Stolen from xina_belle

Marriages: 1

Engagements: 1

Divorces: 1

Kids: One. A 25 year old son.

Brothers: None

Sisters: None

Current pets: 0. Might would get another kitty if I currently had income coming in.

Surgeries: Vasectomy, wisdom teeth removal, and most recently esophagus surgery.

Tattoos: 0

Been to an Island: Never even been outside the continental US.

Flown on a Plane: Nope. Never even been in an airport.

Rode in an Ambulance: No.

Sang Karaoke: Nope.

Ice Skating: Nope.

Been on a Cruise: Nope.

Rode on a Motorcycle: Nope.

Owned a Motorcycle: Nope

Rode on a Horse: Nope.

Stayed in a Hospital: A total of three weeks after my esophagus surgery. Two in a row after surgery, one a few weeks later due to return of the stricture.

Favorite Fruit: Strawberry, Apple, Blueberry.

Favorite Day: None.

Favorite Color: Blue.

Last phone call: Son called a few days ago to let me know grandson had been born.

Coffee or Tea: Iced tea, unsweetened.

Favorite pizza: "Sweep the Kitchen" from the local "Johnny's Pizza".

Cat or Dog: Cats. Low maintenance.

Favorite season: Fall

Met a star: Nope

Rode in a helicopter: Nope.

Been on tv: Local news in 1986 when they were doing a story about the Beatles catalog first being released on compact disc.

Broken a bone: Nope. I try to be extra careful.

Seen a ghost: Nope.

Been sick in a taxi: Can't recall ever even being in a taxi.

Seen someone die: Nope.
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