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I Normally Don't Remember Details In Long Dreams, But...

For quite some time, I haven't remembered details in long, drawn out dreams, but last night was an UNUSUAL exception...

It started with me and a former co-worker at Burger King, Robert Neal (who has been deceased for quite some time) sweeping the floors. I was sweeping the kitchen area (which seemed a lot larger than usual), and he was out sweeping the dining area. Former assistant manager Ricky Noles was sitting at the manager desk. Two unidentifiable female employees in the drive-thru window got into a verbal shouting match, which quickly resulted in punches being thrown. Ricky didn't move from his desk, or seem like he was even paying attention. One of them, a short blond, quickly ran past me. I said "Don't hit me in the stomach, I recently had surgery."

I then had to take a break from sweeping to go to the restroom. While in there, out of the blue, my Uncle Barrett showed up in the restroom and started talking to me. That conversation is vague to me this morning. By the time he left, it was time for me to leave for the day.

Somehow, after leaving, I ended up at podcaster Stu Shostak's place to witness a live show, although in the dream, it looked NOTHING like it does on video. He offered refreshments, some beverage I still can't identify. He asked how things were going, I said I sometimes get a numb, tingling feeling in the right side of my chest (which I still do) from where they had put in the drainage tube for a while after my surgery. He said "That sounds bad", and said he was calling a doctor. I replied I didn't need a doctor, but he insisted. Then almost instantly, I was laying in a hospital bed, at his place, wearing one of those hospital gowns. I got up and said I was leaving. I went outside and started walking down a sidewalk, still in the hospital gown, having to hold the back part closed.

By that time, it was either later in the evening, or just extremely cloudy, judging from the amount of sunlight. I was walking past several old, seemingly abandoned, boarded up, wood frame houses. Walked up to one, which seemed in better shape than the others, and went inside only to discover it wasn't "abandoned", but instead was some kind of vast hat shop. I turned around to leave, saw Danny John-Jules ("The Cat" from "Red Dwarf") trying on what looked like a gray cardboard hat with some kind of designs on it and the word "Brandy" written across the front. After thinking about that part of the dream this morning, the only thing I could think was that "Brandy" was in reference to might be longtime online friend Brandy Pepperman.

Leaving that place, I was somehow in a vast yard, with a very tall chain link fence surrounding it. I wandered around, trying to find a way out. Discovered a gate, locked from the inside, with someone standing on the other side trying to get in. I went closer, it was actress Pamelyn Ferdin, who looked like she would have in the early 1970's. I opened the gate, let her in, and said "Thanks, how can I repay you?". I figured I must have entered some kind of "time vortex", so replied that in 40 years or so, she could let me follow her on Facebook, then proceeded to explain that the "internet" and "social media" would be a thing in a few decades. This was the last thing I remember from the dream.

IF dreams have "meanings", fuck all if I know what this one meant! It had more "elements" than any dream I've had in recent recollection. There were former co-workers, relatives, online acquaintances, and random celebrities. Plus, the subject of my surgery was brought up more than once.
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