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Dammit...No Recovery Soon

Went this morning for my post-op follow up from all the esophageal dilations I've had so far. Not very good news. Even though I'm eating solid foods now (albeit slowly), the dilations will probably be something I'll have to have at LEAST once a month... FOREVER. Doctor said they will have to continue, so the area of the surgery doesn't completely close up again like before the surgery. She said it is unusual for those strictures to re-appear after surgery, but DO happen in some people. Apparently I'm one of those people. Without the dilations, I would probably eventually have to undergo surgery again, which I would NOT look forward to.

This will greatly affect my plans to start job hunting again "after I recover". Doesn't look like I'll ever FULLY "recover" after hearing this. I was having a difficult enough time trying to find a job before all this occurred, I'm thinking because of my age. A business definitely isn't going to want to hire someone my age who may have to now randomly take time off once or twice EVERY month to undergo medical procedures.

Mom says maybe I need to, next time I see the doctor, ask her if I might qualify for disability as a result of all this. That may be the ONLY way I'll get some kind of income to pay bills. Have another "scope" scheduled for May 10th. Already had to get rid of home insurance, couldn't afford it this year. Running out of stuff to "cut back on", and mom's bank account is getting low trying to help me out.
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