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Three More Down....

Still in the process of remaking the pages on my website that were having problems in browsers other than Internet Explorer. Finished three more today... my "site index" page(which is occassionally giving me "link button" problems), the "Class Photo 1973" page(which for some reason the photo wasn't even showing up in my copy of Netscape), and my "Online Friends" page (which for some reason some of the banners weren't appearing in Netscape--also I changed the background and added a few more links while I was at it). So far, if what I'm viewing on my computer is any indication, Dreamweaver is "beating the pants off" of Frontpage! Looks like Frontpage is just another crappy Microsoft product! After I get my pages re-done, I'm uninstalling Frontpage...

Now, since I've developed a headache and eye strain after sitting here almost 5 hours, I need to finally get something to eat!....

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